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RTR Energy Solutions, Inc. is a multifaceted company offering a wide range of services in construction management, project controls, constructability analysis, environmental engineering support, just to name a few, for the electric utility industry.

RTR is an Allied Resources Group Company focused on the design, build, and critical support for power delivery systems covering large areas with minimal footprint. The team was built on safety, efficiency, and quality assurance for all utility partners, ensuring the collection of highly skilled and veteran personnel will help bridge the gap in project deficiencies. The following is a list of the company’s concept-to-completion value offer:

  • Pre-Construction Services
    • Valuable, honest, and accurate information delivered at the conceptual stage
    • Cost, schedule, logistics and constructability are all areas of focus
    • Our goal is to ensure maximum value and minimum stress
  • Project Development
    • Combine efforts with your project team
    • Identify risks
    • Form mitigation plans, verify materials, and coordinate outages
  • Construction Management
    • Take the overall planning, coordination and control of your project
    • Our goal focuses on producing results that are on schedule and within budget
  • Surveying & CAD Services
    • Robotic and GPS boundary and topographic survey
    • Drone mapping / aerial survey
    • Bathymetric (sonar) survey
    • Laser scanning and 3D CAD modeling
    • Construction stakeout
  • Storm Assessment
    • Location and assessment of outages
    • Coordination of crews for repair
    • Flagging/road control setup and coordination

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