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Photo of Dennis Zatlin, President of Allied Resources Group

Dennis Zatlin President

Dennis has spent his career providing solutions to his clients throughout a variety of industries. As the President of the Allied Resources Group, which consists of 5 companies, Dennis has embodied the philosophy that businesses are people-based.

Dennis understands that investing in his employees, from the very beginning stages of their career, is an investment in the company's future growth. Dennis started this quest in 2003 by purchasing Allied Resources. Based on the belief that he could scale the business through his strong relationships in the engineering sector, Dennis' goal was to create a firm that was a cut above the rest.

Prior to purchasing Allied Resources, he spent 18 years as the Vice President of Operations for an engineering consulting firm. It was during these 18 years that Dennis forged lifelong relationships with both clientele and professionals with the businesses we now serve.

Dennis also perfected his craft of marrying strong business principles with project execution and customer service. A strong advocate of helping those in need, Dennis continues to give back to the local community. He is an active Board Member of the Great Valley Community Organization and has been involved in several charities including: Bringing Hope Home.

The Allied Resources Group Companies:

  • Allied Resources Technical
  • Allied Resources Medical Staffing
  • Allied Engineering & Design
  • Catsi
  • RTR Energy Solutions

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