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CATSI, Inc. was established in 1979 as a full-service inspection firm servicing the heavy industrial markets including Energy, Chemical, Utilities, and Refining.

CATSI is an Allied Resources Group Company that identifies operational deficiencies and validates facility and asset upgrades for the technical services group. The CATSI team consists of a network of subject matter experts nationwide, including fulltime inspectors and technical personnel providing inspections services in the following areas of expertise:

  • Asset Inspection Services (Inspections and Program Management)
    • Mechanical Integrity (API 510, 570, 653)
    • Structural Integrity
      • Walking Working Surfaces (OSHA Audits)
      • Equipment, Foundation & Piping Support Systems
      • Fireproofing Inspection
      • Plant Utility Infrastructure
      • Environmental Systems
      • Flares, Stacks and Tower Inspections
      • Crane and Lifting Device Systems
  • Plant Turnaround & Outage Services
    • Pre-Turnaround Planning
    • TAR Inspection Services (API, CWI and NACE Visual/NDT)
  • Construction Management/Inspection Services
    • Owner’s Representative for Multi-Discipline Projects
    • Monitor Safety and Lead Project Coordination
    • Monitor and Verify Compliance to Design, Standards and Owner Expectations
    • Maintain all Project Documentation (Budget/Schedule)
  • Turnkey Fall Protection Services
    • Design & Installation
    • System Inspection & Plant Audits
    • Repair & Restore to Fit-for-Service

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