Mike Alam,

Chief Strategy Officer

Mike Alam is Chief Strategy Officer of Allied Resources Group, a well-respected parent company to an enterprise of organizations that provide niche services to clients in critical infrastructure. Since 2019, he has been an instrumental part of the company, overseeing mergers & acquisitions, corporate development, and financing activities. Mike also boasts ten years of accumulated experience in leadership roles at Marshall & Illsley (now BMO) and PNC Bank, which has enriched his extensive knowledge of strategic decision-making, team management, and driving successful business growth. This unique culmination of expertise is what plays a crucial role in acquiring new business opportunities, as evidenced by ARG’s success in securing two new companies since his tenure began in 2019. Mike is known for his approachable leadership style, fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable and encouraged to share their ideas, promoting effective collaboration within the team.

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